Entry #1

I lost my nuts so im just gonna ruuuuuuun awayyyyyy~

2009-01-18 22:46:03 by Poetic-Reven

I'm deleting every single one of my songs after releasing this last track towards you know who well I've already started deleting tracks because im washed up pretty bad... almost as bad as ses.

you get to a point your life where u need to keep moving NG it was fun the beef the fans but I'm in these streets broke as fuck but you can't change a real ass n***a (yea u know who you are Cajete)

After This Track

~Game Over~

Also Commenting That The NDE Name Will Be dead.

Also I'm laughing at myself lmao I started selling beats now and I've not been doing too good I havent bin able to sell a single beat.

Ya Boi Reven aka Fag'ecy Productions Wit Cha Boi Lil cake Productions Dropped 13 flops in 5 dayz, we try though...

I Grill Out Every Week but im too scared to touch the beef.


I lost my nuts so im just gonna ruuuuuuun awayyyyyy~


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2009-01-27 23:21:18

To be honest, I think you should have left NG a long ass time ago for something greater. I don't even upload shit here anymore, I'm up on MBS.com now.

(Updated ) Poetic-Reven responds:

yeah well you know me.... im broke so i have no where else to go. Im trying to get signed on newgrounds.


2009-01-30 12:16:37

I hit up NG just to hit up people who aren't VISIBLE on AIM, like *cough* Billy Nettles *cough* or to hear what's poppin' with the HH portal, otherwise, this site was good to meet some folks but I'm way past it. I been seelin' beats since last year, and I was churnin' out mixtapes in TX in '05, so NG is a joke nowadays. With the new studio and setup, I've put up maybe two or three WIPs? I don't drop tracks here anymore, it's a waste of time. All you get are the kids and their mini-bosses fluffin' each other like a porn shoot... "Your the best rapper!" "No, you are!" "no you!" Etc.

Stay up man, and hit me up on AIM or myspace:
IngeniusG @ AIM
myspace.com/ingeniusvibe @ myspace


(Updated ) Poetic-Reven responds:

lmfao i dont wanna talk to your old lonely wrinkled ass on the internet you hairy slimy wrinkled lonely pedo. X kaliba murdered you gramps. Get a god bruh you old as fuck. What are you like 60 still trying to get signed on newgrounds? Your dun bruh. Have a nice grandfather life you old fuck. lol


2009-01-31 19:28:10

damn rev ya leavin. man. well i guess their is a time for everything. man you will be missed i wish nothing but the best for you in the future and i still hope that you will be workin on music. stay up man. 1

(Updated ) Poetic-Reven responds:

Dude i look at your face you look like a skeeter. Stop with the love poems already skeeter...rofl.


2009-02-06 18:29:34

Cya bro. Good times we had, like all 4 of our conversations. on aim

And like the 1234324235134523894752347801347890237 4%u2122 we had on the phone lmfao.

Poetic-Reven responds:

yeah mayn i wanna suck your dick more next time.


2009-03-16 19:52:07

good for you


2009-05-12 06:46:35

Looks like some one Hacked the SHIT out of your account...


2009-06-17 00:55:06

Hacking = win.

Making it obvious who it is = fail.

Still, the win >= the fail.


2009-07-21 13:46:14

Personally this is funny....but o well you can keep the profile since it makes you feel good I guess.....